Kato Drys

Kato Drys is situated southwest of Larnaca city, bordered by the villages of Pano Lefkara (4 km), Kato Lefkara (4 km), and Vavla (6 km). Positioned between three cities, it is 50 kilometers from Nicosia, while being only 36 kilometers away from both Larnaca and Limassol. Additionally, it is approximately 25 kilometers from Governor's Beach, nestled at an average altitude of 520 meters above sea level.

The village's landscape is characterized by hilly terrain, punctuated by narrow, deep valleys, traversed by the "Agios Minas" river.

Regarding its name and historical origins, there are two prevailing interpretations. One suggests that the village derived its name from the abundance of "Dryes" (oaks) within its vicinity. Alternatively, another narrative suggests the existence of two villages in the past, Pano Drys and Kato Drys (Upper and Lower Drys), with a significant oak tree standing between them.

Under Frankish rule, the village was known as Catodi, as documented during that era. Some researchers speculate that it might correspond to the village referred to by Georgios Voustronios as "the village Kakotrygitis". This village, along with others, was granted by King Jacob II of Cyprus to nobleman Maurizio di Constanzo upon his appointment as the Admiral of Cyprus. Subsequently, it was reported to have been granted to Fabricio Gentile, father of Gabriel Gentile, the King's physician. However, according to De Mas Latri, the village eventually reverted to the King's estate.

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